Twelve foreigners were arrested by the police for alleged gambling on September 2 at the Lurs Store, Topside.
Based on the police report, a caller informed authorities about a case of alleged gambling which resulted in the arrest of 12 foreigners composed of three Nepalese and nine Bangladeshis.
The suspects are identified in the report as Nepalese Wanchu
Tamang,28, Kiran Tamang, 29, Nirmal Kumar Shah, 38, and Bangladeshis Farug, 29, Mohammed Motin, 33, Moshin Uddin, 29, Mohammed Faij Uddin, 36, Imran Mohammed Nazir, 36, Jahed Hosen, 44, Awlad Hossain, 44, Mohammad Monir Hossain, 27, and Soman Banik, 39.
The suspects were arrested and confined by the police for alleged Gambling, Promoting Gambling, and Possession of Gambling Device.
Special Assistant to the Minister of Justice (MOJ) Keiden Kintol told that authorities were able to seize gambling paraphernalia from the suspects, identified as playing cards, and a cash totaling $2,571 during the arrest.

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