Heavy equipment machinery will soon be regular site for motorists as the sewer improvement project moves to excavate trenches for sewer pipelines on Koror main road. According to PPUC public announcement the excavation will start Wednesday, Oct. 4. "PPUC would like to inform the public of upcoming road works on the as part of the Koror-Airai Sanitation Project. These road works will occupy a section of the road and will include the use of heavy machinery to excavate the roads and install the new sewer pipe lines in Koror," PPUC announced. Traffic is expected to slow with the excavation and sewer pipe installation.

Road excavation will start on the main road by Bai ra Meketii and going toward Madalaii. The sewer improvement project, known as Koror-Airai Sanitation Project (KASP) is funded by a $28 million ADB loan to the Palau government, which is implemented through PPUC. Major KASP components include rehabilitation of sewerage network in Koror; construct a new Malakal sewer treatment plant; and to construct a sewer network and treatment facility in Kesebelau and Ked area in Airai. The project will construct or rehabilitate six public toilet facilities around Koror. Initial construction work is currently ongoing with sewer pump stations in Meketii and Madalaii by CIP Office is ongoing. 

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