President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., gave the annual ritual of an Independence Day message in a speech that highlights unity as a way forward for Palau to develop and strengthen its democratic institutions. 
"If a vibrant nation is defined as one in which its people support and participate in lively debate and discussion, I believe that Palau would have to be classified as a very vibrant nation. Yet I believe we all understand that once the debate is completed — once every issue has been thrashed out, we must come together as a family and as a people, with one voice and one united direction," Remengesau said. 
Remengesau highlighted the recent trip to the United Nations General Assembly with representatives from the executive and legislative branches of government along with representatives from the private sector. "We moved our national agenda forward and demonstrated our national unity," Re-mengesau said in his message. 
He said that Palau has to participate in its own defense, stewards of its own finances, protect its natural resources and protect and preserve the Palau-an culture.
With our high chiefs, members of the judiciary, representative of the national congress, business men and women and religious leaders, I could not as for a better partners in the work to cement a future for our nation," Remengesau said. 
The president said it was the united voice of the leadership to organize the Palau Energy Summit; sought out and acquire the fiber optic; moved into public-private partnership; and created the Palau National Marine Sanctuary. Remengesau in his message stressed the likely approval of the compact review agreement, which has languished in the US congress since it was signed more than seven years ago. 
"I am sure that this is the year that we will finalize the financial provisions of the Compact and solidify our already rock solid relationship," Remengesau said. With the North Korean threat of detonating hydrogen bomb in the Pacific, Remengesau said that Palau stand with the United States in her efforts to limit pro-vocative actions by North Korea to Guam and the Pacific region. 
"We have always worked together, and our Palauan national family will continue to speak in one voice moving forward. And so in this, the Year of the Family, we can be assured of one thing: our nation's future looks brighter than ever together," Remengesau said. 

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