19 to run for Koror at-large seats, most hamlet incumbents challenged Gubernatorial and legislative candidates for two large states of Koror and Ngaraard are being confirmed in their upcoming general elections on November 9 and 14 respectively as deadlines for petitions and voters will be in the next two weeks. 
Ngaraard will hold its election on November 9 and reports from the state indicate that candidates for all five counties will be unopposed while the four at-large seats will be contested by eight candidates. Unopposed candidates for counties are as follows: 
CHOLL- Saburo Remo-ket; 
FLAB-Johnson Saikemal; 
NGEBUKED-Sharp Sakuma; 
ULIMANG-John Temengil; and 
NGKEKLAU-Lucia Franz. 
For the four at-large seats, the eight candidates are Duane Tochi, Wilbert Ngirakamerang, Jefferson Matul, Lydia Ngirablosech, Joseph Ngcheed, George Matsuda, Frank Malsol and Keizi Shiro. The candidates for governor are incumbent Isaac Bai, John Mengidab, Isaac Soaladaob, and Benjamin Iskawa. 
The registered voters for Ngaraard as of August was 1, 268 and can increase by the time the registration closes next week. The salary for governor of Ngaraard is $25,000 per year or $961.53 per pay day while each legislator makes $4,500 or $175 per pay day. 
As for Koror election on November 14, nineteen (19) candidates to date have announced or being supported for the five (5) at-large seats as follows: Elicita Ceta Morei, Earnest Ongidobel, Vierra Toribiong, King Sam, Ina Rivera, Jose Ise, Jennifer Sigiyama, Ann Pedro, Clint Mersai, Tops Sungino, Uchel Sechewas, Sinesio Sandei, Kenjiro Dengokl, Alonz Moses, Alan Marbou, Susan Ngirausui, Jason Nolan, Milian Isaac, and Jason Nolan. 
For the 12 seats for the 12 hamlets in Koror, the candidates reported to date are as follows: NGERMID-Wilson Ngirausui and Armstrong Debelbot; 
NGERKESOAOL- Polycarp Marssil, Geggie A. Udui, and Francisco Ueki, Jr.; 
NGERCHEMAI-Job Kikuo and Ngiratecheboet Eberdong; 
IYEBUKEL-Devan Andreas and Bailey Urbano; 
IDID-Kyonori Tellames ; 
MEKETII- Calvin Ikesiil, Gerald Tulop, and Eledui Omelau; 
DNGERONGER- II-ebrang Olkeriil and Tange Mariur; 
IKELAU-Vann Isaac; 
NGERBECHED-Carson Ubedei and Felix Francisco; 
MEDALAII-Salvador Tellames and Jennifer Akiwo; 
MEYUNS-Eleanor Sadang and Larry Ngiramowai; 
NGERKEBESANG-Paulus Ongalibang, Ignacio Rengulbai, Mesube Saka, and Poland Masaharu.
With two weeks left before the deadline, new candidates may jump in and any of the those named above may withdraw. To date, the number of registered voters of Koror has exceeded 5,400 and may go up by the registration deadline of October 14. The compensation for each member of Koror State Legislature is $700 per month plus $25 per session day for total of over $1,000 per month or About $12,000. The salary of the governor is $39,000 per year. 

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