The Koror Planning Commission (KPC) through its Building and Zoning Office is seeking public comments during a public hearing on proposed changes to the Koror building and zoning code to accommodate two new hotels and one bed and breakfast operation located in three hamlets.
In Ngerbechedesau, Ngermid on the way to JPF Bridge, Etpison Corporation and Shalturn Etpison are building a 140-room hotel called Palau Reef Pemphis Hotel on Lot No. 102 B02 and B03. This is within an area zoned as "RC" Residential Commercial Zone which is proposed to be changed to "RV" Resort Center Zone. Job Kikuo is planning to turn his residence on Lot No. 135B03, B04, and B06 in Ngerbodel, Ngerchemai into a Bread & Breakfast operation with restaurant in an area classified as "R2" Single Family Residential Zone. He proposes to change it to "RC" Residential Commercial Zone. At Ngel, Medalaii in mid Koror between PNCC Office and PDC Building, Uchel Tmetuchl and RT Management are proposing to build a hotel on Lot Nos. 109B09, 132B03 and B04 and 40374.
It is within an area zoned as "RC" Residential Commercial Zone and is being requested to be rezoned to "RV" Resort Center Zone. KPC is asking for public comments especially from people residing in the three hamlets and close close to the locations of these three proposed projects in a public hearing to be held on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 from 6 to 9pm at the Koror State Assembly Hall in the state building in Nger-beched.
For further information, KPC office can be contacted at 488-8436/8769.

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