Harry Fritz enter Koror governor race

Harry Fritz
In a historical Koror State election, six candidates for the office of the governor will face off in an event dubbed "meet the press" at the Koror State Assembly Hall tonight at 6:30pm.
The seven candidates who have publicly declared and confirmed their participation for tonight are Alfonso Diaz, Harry R. Frtiz, Franco Gibbons, Sam Y. Masang, Eyos Rudimch, Lilly Uludong, and Roman Yano.
A letter to each participants states that topic of discussion will be broad range amongst the potential topics are sanitation, economy, housing project, state development plans, land lease, relations between elected and traditional leaders, tourism, elderly care, and others. The debate will be broadcasted live on Palau Wave Radio. On Monday, only three days before first debate is to be held today, August 31 among the six announced candidates for Koror governor, another Koror political heavy weight and a traditional chief jumped into the race which should make the debate and the coming election on November 14, more competitive and interesting. 
Former Minister under President Toribiong and 4-term senator in the OEK for 16'years, Harry Fritz, has announced his candidacy during the preparatory meeting last Monday for today's debate of gubernatorial candidates and their representatives. 
Harry Fritz, son of the late longtime Koror traditional chief, leader, and municipal Mayor, Rubasch Fritz, also served in the Koror interim legislature and was a secretary of the Koror state constitutional convention that wrote the current state constitution. He also the head of the Koror Planning Commission. 
Fritz is presently holding the title of Adelbairekesouaol, chief of Ngerkesouaol hamlet and member of Koror House of Traditional Leaders (HOTL). He is yet to announce his plat-form of programs in the next four years if he is elected. In the last election for governor four years ago, Fritz, Alan Marbou, and Alonz Joseph ran against Yoshitaka Adachi who got over 50% of the vote thus avoiding a runoff. Now with 7 candidates, most of whom have had extensive experiences in public offices and businesses, it appears very likely that a run-off will be held on December 14 as no candidate can get over 50% of the votes. 

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