The 2014 dispute over the chiefly title of Aderkeroi, chief of Ngerkeukl Hamlet of Peleliu State which erupted after the death of long time Aderkeroi, Yashinto Isechal, finally went to trial before new Presiding Justice Oldiais Ngiraikelau last week. 

The dispute is between Postol Remeliik and Kokichi Ngiraingas as to who was to succeed Isechal as the head of Uchelkeukl clan who occupies the seat of the hamlet in the state legislature. Postol Remeliik has managed to be seated in the legislature while the case was still pending in court but finally went to trial. The clan and its alleged strong female and male members including Namberta Smau, Olsudong Rengulbai, Roberta Louch, Lorenzo Edwards, Willard Smau, Haruo Esang, and Postol Remeliik filed the case in 2014 against Kokich Ngiraingas and John Does 1 through 10, asserting that they are the strong members and Postol had been appointed as the title bearer. 
This was after both Ngiraingas and Remeliik submitted their names and credentials to the legislature as the bearer of Aderkeroi title. The legislature then approved Remeliik to occupy the seat of Aderkeroi while the case was pending. The trial is to resume next week. 

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