Melekeok's Lukes clan
Melekeok's third highest clan, Lukes, through its title bearers Ruluked Ignacio Rengulbai and Ebil Ruluked Teruko R. Aitaro, has filed a lawsuit in the Palau Supreme Court against Singenari Asuma and others for entering the clan land and stone platform called Lukes in Melekeok State without their consent and buried the bones of their relatives. 
Civil Action No. 17-220 states that Rengulbai and Aitaro are bearing the clan's male and female titles and are its strong senior members and its authorized representatives controlling its lands and affairs. Plaintiffs assert that after learning of defendant Asuma's intentions, instructed him not to enter the land but he ignored them and instead entered the land, disturbed and damaged the clan's stone platform and buried the bodies or bones of his relatives. 
The complaint asks the Court to declare Ignacio Ren-gulbai and Teruko R. Aitaro as strong senior members of Lukes clan and bearing the titles of Ruluked and Ebil Ruluked of Lukes clan. And also to declare that Singenari Asuma and John Does 1 through 10 are not members of Lukes clan and have no right to enter Lukes land without their permission and should exhume and remove the remains of their relatives Lukes land. 
Plaintiffs also want the Court to issue a permanent injunction prohibiting Asuma, his employees, agents, or anyone acting in concert with him from entering the land without permission from Rengulbai and Aitaro. The complaint further says that plaintiffs are entitled to complete possession of the land without interference from defendants and defendants' actions are willful, malicious, and with wanton disregard to plaintiffs' rights and constitute trespass against them and are the proximate cause of their damages amount of which will be proven at trial. Plaintiffs are also asking for punitive damages of not less than $10,000, attorney's fee, and court costs. 
Singenari Asuma (Azuma) who also holds Rdialul title of Airai, was installed as Ruluked by High Chief Bao Reklai some years ago during the Ocheraol of the Nglosech(roofs) of BaiMelekeong by removing the late Ruluked Kazumoto Rengulbai, brother of Ignacio and Teruko. Ruluked Kazumoto along with four other chiefs questioned the unjustified high cost of the roofs of over $40,000 and refused to pay their shares. 
Tkedesau Bena Sakuma was also replaced by Danny Ongelungel but Olikong Polycarp Basilius and Ngiratekau Viviano Mad who are also close relatives of Reklai continued to hold their titles but have been excluded from the affairs of the Ngarabaimelekeong, the Melekeok Council of Chiefs. 

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