Palau is a small typical Island somewhere in between of Philippines and Hawaii. The Amazing rock Islands and its under water nature are amazing to see. Now Palau is one of the leading country in conservation efforts with almost 60% of the land area protected and underwater nature has recovered magnificently.

In 2009 Republic of Palau became the first Shark Sanitary in the world and in 2012 UNESCO added Palau's Rock Islands to world heritage list.

Currents in Palau are unpredictable but lots of currents means lots of Sharks and it gives amazing experience while diving. Not only sharks but lots of variety of fishes can be seen while diving and snorkeling.
Beside diving we can explore the land in Peleliu where lots of stuff from world war II can be found. The land area in Palau are filled with historical sites to explore and it can even be found underwater .
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