Clifton Kloulubak, one of the men originally charged for the murder of Kenneth Koshiba was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, according to the sentencing of a guilty plea order issued by Association Justice Lourdes Materne.
The death of Koshiba in October last year rocked Palau as this is the first gun-related killing since 1988.
Koshiba had been repeatedly shot with a gas-powdered air rifle and pellets. The Pellets were lodge in his heart and spine causing death.
Koshiba's body was found across the road from a gas station in Madalii early morning of OCT 11 2015.
Kloulubak, his brother Nick and Michael Williams were arrested and charged with second degree murder days after the shooting.
Clifton pleaded guilty to manslaughter, wgich carries a maximum punishment of 25 years jail term. If Clifton were convicted of murder after a jury trial, he would have faced a sentence of life in prison.
Justice Materne accepted the plea bargain but imposed the maximum fine of 25 years with credit of time also served in jail, which was 14 days. He must serve at least one-third of the sentence before he is eligible for parole.
Clifton's brother Nick was earlier sentenced to one year probation for assault in the first degree after he pled guilty and cooperated with the prosecution of the other parties.
Williams was sentenced in July to 10 years imprisonment for assault in the first degree. After a plea agreement the sentence was all suspended except five years.
Palau has strict penalty on gun possession, only the military and police allowed to have firearms and ammunition.
Air Rifles however are used commonly in Palau for hunting small game.


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