• Rois Remdiu, Ngeruktbel (Lighthouse); 
  • Blil a Chelid er a Siabal, Ngermid (historic remain); 
  • Bad er a Ngermelie, Ngermid (Mother and a child monolith); 
  • Ngesechelei a Skoki er a Siabal (historic remain); 
  • Beluu er a Rois, Ngemelis (Rock Island Traditional Village); 
  • Li er a Rois, Ngemelis (Cave); 
  • Beluu er a Ulong, Ulong Island (Rock Island Traditional Village); 
  • Li er a Ulong (Llecheklel Orachel); 
  • Ulong Island (Pictograph Cave); 
  • Mariar, Ngeruktabel (Rock Island Traditional Village); 
  • Beluu er a Metukeruikull, Metukeruikull Island (Rock Island Traditional Village); 
  • Oublallang er a Roiskebesang, Ngerkebesang (Terrace Set); 
  • Diong er a Ngeterur, Ngerbeched (Bathing Pools); 
  • Bekeu Rebodel/Klikm er a Bekeu Rebodel, Ngerbodel (Stone Feature); 
  • Odesongel er a Ngerketiit, Ngerielb (Stone Platform); 
  • Bill a Boes er a mekemad, Omdeuaachel, Ngemelachel (WWII Bunker); 
  • Kingellel a Bilung, Uchul a Rois Melachel, Ngemelachel (Stone Platform); 
  • Tekeok-Imid, Ngermid (Stone Platform); 
  • Li er a Omis/ Omis Rock Island, Ngermid (Cave); 
  • Beluu er a Ngeremdiu, Ngeruktabel (Rock Island Traditional Village); 
  • Rael er a Siabal, Roisremiu Todai, Ngeremdiu (Historic Remain); 
  • Japanese Water Pump Station (Historic Remain); 
  • Beluu er a Ngemelis (Rock Island Traditional Village); 
  • Beluu er a Ngeanges (Rock Island Traditional Village)

Sites which may be of particular interest to visitors
Belau National Museum
Epitson Museum

Palau Aquarium

Rock Islands of Palau  

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