Peleliu, like Angaur, is a raised platform coralline island. Located at the southern tip of the lagoon encircling the main group of islands, It is sorrounded by the thick fringe fo mangrove forest and has the to
tal area of the approximately 19 square kilometers. On the island's west side is Bloody Nose Ridge, so named during the battle for Peleliu in World War II. Bloody Nose Ridge, rising to an elevation of 75 meters, is the largest vantage point on the island, and visitors can take advantage of the well maintained steps leading to the memorial on top. Much of Peleliu is covered by a limestone island forest with ares of Casuarina forest along sandy beaches. Phosphate mining in the Bloody Nose Ridge area of peleliu began during the German administration and continued into the Japanese regime. The small harbor facility located at the northern end of the island was used to load the phosphate onto ships.
Peleliu was dramatically reshaped by WWII. In preparation for the anticipated American invasion, Japanese defenders transformed the island into the defensive fortress. The build-up, underway by 1943, began with the evacuation of Palauans from the island to Babeldaob. As many as 10,000 Japanese defenders dug into the natural caves and fissures of the coral-line limestone formation, reinforcing these position with concrete bunkers. So well established were the defenders that they withstood a massive naval bombardment and met the American invasion force at nearly full strength on September 5, 1944. The Battle for Peleliu, which is hindsight proved to have been a costly miscalculation by American forces, lasted for a weeks with a terrible cost of lives on both sides.
Peleliu is a great place to enjoy natural island beauty, superb diving, fishing, camping and museum packed with WWII memorabilia. There are several guesthouses and inns where travelers can stay and eat at a reasonable price. Diving and tour guide services are also available. Many of the inns and tour providers also offer transportation services to and from Koror. For the more adventurous, the Peleliu state boat travels between Koror and Peleliu a couple of times a week.

Registered Sites:

  • Taoch er a Ngebungel, Ngesias (Dock); 
  • Ii er a Irur, Ngesias (Cave); 
  • Puleliu Shell Midden/ Uchul a Rois Chemiangel, Ngerdelolk (Shell Midden); 
  • Beluu er a Chol, Ngerchol (Traditional Village); 
  • Beluu er a Ngetengchau, Ngerdelolk (Traditional Village); 
  • Peleliu Battlefield (WWII, 7680 acers).

Sites which may be of particular interest to visitors:

  • Bloddy Nose Ridge Lookout; 
  • War Monuments; war Meseum; 
  • Most of the War Era Equipment laying throughout the Island (i.e. Tanks, Plane, Pillboxes, building remains etc); 
  • Ngermelt Natural Water Hole. 

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