Ngchesar, on the south central east coast of Babeldaob Island between Memekeok and Airai, extends from the coast to the central divide. It covers an area of 41 square kilometers and includes a thick fringe of mangroves swamp forests parallel to the coast; short, steep ridges extending like fingers from short ridges that run parallel to the coast; and coconut plain and ridge. Towards the west of the coastal ridge is the large central valley of the Ngerdorch River. There, an open forest lines the east side of the valley with rolling hills covered by sparse vegetation on the west. The flanks of the central divide are covered with open forest.
Ngerngesang Terraces in Ngchesar are considered to be one of Palau's best examples of terracing. The terraces, with radiocarbon dating reaching as far back as A.D. 491 and A.D. 1150, establish the antiquity of terracing in Palau.
Registered Sites:

  • Beluu er a Tmachel (Traditional Village); 
  • Chelsel a Mechut el beluu er a Ngchesar (Traditional Village); 
  • Oublallang el Bukl er a Ngerengesang (Terrace Set); 
  • Etoilechang me a Kliis (Dock); 
  • Beluu er a Ngeruikl (Traditional Village); 
  • Iliud er a Mesiual (Stone Platform); 
  • Ked ra Kaliol, Ked ra Ngchebakl (WWII anti-aircraft Gun); 
  • Boes er a Mekemad (WWII Japanese Defence Position); 
  • Beluu er a Ngerbekll (Traditional Village)

Sites which may be of particular interest to visitors:

  • Ngchesar State waterfall; 
  • Kabekel War Canoe; 
  • Jungle River Cruise; 
  • Beluu er a Tmachel 
  • Chelsel a Mechut el Beluu er a Ngchesar traditional villages.

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