Located on the central west coast, just southeast of Ngeremeduu Bay, Ngatpang State covers an area towards the interior totaling some 40 square kilometers. Ngatpang's terrain is varied. It includes rugged, steep slopes covering with thick forest of mangroves along the west coast, and the rolling hills covered with upland type forests or grass in the interior. Ngatpang shares borders with Ngaremelengui to the north, Aimeliik to the southwest, Ngchesar to the east and Airai to the southeast.
The traditional village of Ngerdubech, which plays a major role in the oral history of Palau, was directly involved in the creation of the Islands. It is said that following the destruction of the creator god Chuab, his body parts projecting from the water became Palau's Islands. That it was from this village that the gods were sent down and that the god Milad emerged to give birth to four children. The four children of Milad were said to be Ngaremlengui, Melekeok, Koror and Aimeliik forming the four corner posts of Palauan Society.

Registered Site:

  • Ngerebadelmangel (Stone Feature); 
  • Beluu er a Ngimis (Traditional Village); 
  • Ngersois (bathinh Pool); Beluu er a Ngerdubech (Traditional Village); 
  • Bukl er a Ngermelkii (Terrace Set); 
  • Beluu er a Ngerumlol (Traditional Village); 
  • Beluu er a Ngermedangeb (Terrace Set); 
  • Iliud er a Ngeruchob (Stone Platform); 
  • Iliud er a Ikerbeluu (Stone Platform); 
  • Sidang Sireib/ Sidang Shireib (WWII); 
  • Kokusai (Historic Remain); 
  • Ngerasech (Historic Remain); 
  • Oblallang er Bukl er a Ked er a Ngebuuch (Terrace Set).

Sites which may be of particular interest to visitors:
Aquaculture Farm

Japan Memorial Monument

Ngatpang Waterfall

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