Ngaraard, situated immediately below Ngarchelong state, is on the northern end of Babeldaob Island. Its other border are shared with Ngiwal to the south and Ngardmau on the southwest corner of the state. Its terrain includes dense portion of forest in the interiors' rolling hills, thick mangrove forest along the west coast, and sandy coastal plains along the east coast. Ngaraard's villages include: Ngebuked, Ulimang, Ngesang and chelab which form a cluster about the middle of the state; Chol located on the northern end; and Ngkeklau at the southern end of the state.
A system of well preserved pathways extend from Ulimang through Ngebuked and Chelab to Ngesang. There are also many stone features found in the area of Ngebuked, Ulimang and Chelab. In many places along the paths there are stone cap bridges crossing small streams. There are numerous traditional village site containing interesting stone platforms and pathways to explore. Ngaraard's Bethania All girls School is located in Ngesang.

Registered Sites:

  • Beluu er a Elab (Elab Traditional Village); 
  • Chetoikechang, Ngkeklau (Stone Feature); 
  • Bai er a Ngeruau ma a Chelsel a Beluu er a Ngebuked (Traditional Village); 
  • Ngerchoki, Ngebuked (Stone Feature); 
  • Imeduurang, Ngeribkang (Bathing Pool); 
  • Beluu er a Ngkeklau/Ngotel, Ngkeklau (Traditional Village); 
  • Ked ra Malk, Ngebuked (Stone Feature); 
  • Blotk el Llecheklel a Chad el ngar er a Bad, Olebakelderau (stone Feature Petroglyph); 
  • Beluu er a Desengong (Traditional Village); 
  • Omkuul, Choll (Stone Platform); 
  • Tangelbad, Choll (Landmark).

Sites which may be of particular interest to visitors
Beluu er a Elab



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