Melekeok, located on the central east coast of Babeldaob, covers some 25 square kilometers. It includes long stretches of sandy beaches, lined with coconut palms; Lake Ngardok, the largest fresh water lake in Palau; Swampy marshes and steep, rolling hills covered with sparse vegetation in the interior; thick forests along the east flanks of the central divide; and a thin fringe of mangroves along the northern and southern stretches of coast.
Melekeok extends from the lagoon on the east coast to the central divide in the interior of Babeldaob. It is bounded by Ngiwal on the north, Ngchesar on the south and Ngaremlengui to the west.
The four inhabited villages of Ngerubesang, Ngerang, Ngermelech and Ngeruliang are connected by a paved road parallel to the coast. The Compact Road connects Melekeok to the rest of Babeldaob as well as Koror.
Palau national capital was relocated to Melekeok in 2007. At this time, it was believed that businesses would follow and Melekeok would soon become a bustling commercial area. However, this was not the case as most of businesses were already well established in Koror and moving was not a viable option.

Registered Sites:

  • Odalmelech, Ngermelech (Stone Face); 
  • Meteu al Klechem (Dock); 
  • Did el Bad er a Beriber (Stone Feature); 
  • Ngermecheluch (Dock); 
  • Bai Melekeong me aike el euang el Chades (Melekeok Bai/ Stone Platform);
  • Bukl er a Techobei (Terraces)

Sites which may be of particular interest of visitors
Ngermelech; Bai Melekeong me aike el Chades (Melekeok Bai / Stone Platform)

Odalmelech Stone Face

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