Kayangel, a small atoll located at the northern end of the archipelago, has a total combined area of approximately 1.78 square kilometers. The atoll consists of four small islands, lying mostly on the east side of the small atoll's lagoon. Ngcheangel village is divided into two halves; Dilong to the north and Dimes to the south, and is located on the center of the largest island by the same name. The terrain is just a few feet above sea level, surrounded by sandy beaches, and covered with the forest of coconut palms. Fresh water is obtained from a number of underground wells.
People from Kayangel are said to have played important roles in late prehistoric migrations to the other islands in the archipelago.
Visitors to Kayangel will find superb diving and fishing, along with unlimited hospitality. However, it is highly recommended that arrangements to visit made well in advance. Presently, Kayangel has limited tourism capability with equally limited overnight tourist facilities.
Registered Sites:

  • Bai er a Ngerbesang, Ngerdilong (Bai/ Stone Platform); 
  • Meduu el Bai, Ngerdilong (Bai/ Stone Platform); 
  • Diong er a Orekul, Ngerdilong (Bathing Pool); 
  • Diong er a Olekang, Ngerdimes (Bathing Pool); 
  • Bai er a Ngeruror, Ngerdimes (Bai/ Stone Platform); 
  • Diong er a Dokou, Ngerdilong (Bathing Pool); 
  • Mlil a Renguuldebuul, Ullebongel (Stone Features); 
  • Diong er a Ermang (Bathing Pool).

Sites which may be of particular interest to visitors:

  • Meduu el Bai; 
  • Ngeruangel Conservation Area

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