Located in the southernmost tip of Babeldaob, Airai includes over 55 square kilometers of land covered with forest, savanna or thick mangroves as well as several limestone rock Islands. Airai Bay, on the southeast corner is large and shallow and the Ngerimel River, which supplies water for Airai and Koror from reservoir, is located on the south central part of the state.
Airai, second in population only to Koror, shares borders with Aimeliik on the northwest, Ngatpana to its north, Ngchesar to the northeast. Airai is connected to Koror on its southern border by a bridge which span the Toach el Mid (Channel). At the base of the hills, On the Airai side of the bridge, the main road turns east and continues along the coast winding through the inhabited villages of Ngetkib, Ngeruluobel, Ngerusar, Yelch and finally Airai. At Ngerusar, the road split north past the Airport and goes west to the reservoir, or east past the Palau Mission Academy, over the Ngerikiil River and north to Oikull. A second road extends north along the coast through the Ocholochol area following the route of yet another Japanese era road.
Palau's International Airport, with its 7700 foot runway, is Palau's main link to outside world. It was started during the Japanese administration in the latter 1930's and expanded considerablyduring the US administration.
Registered Sites of Airai State:

  • Bai er a Rengar er a Irrai/Birir a re Ngarairrai (Bai Platform); 
  • Malk er Besk, Oikull (Landmark); 
  • Metuker ra Bisech, Ngerusar (Yapese Quarry Site); 
  • Beluu er a Ngerullak (Traditional Village); 
  • Chades er a Mechorei, Irrai (Stone Feature); 
  • Beluu er a Ngeruluobel/ Beluu Ruluong, Ngeruluobel (Traditional Village); 
  • Li er a Beriber me a Emaredong/Chelebacheb er a Tut, Oikull (Cave); 
  • Uet el Daob me a Uet el Chutem er a Ngederar (Yapese Quarry Site); 
  • Olekull er a Risong, Ngerream (Cave); 
  • Boi me a Cheremel elBelochel, Ngerusar (Landmark); 
  • Chelechol ra Orrak (Yapese Quarry Site/ Burial Cave); 
  • Bokungo er a Rsoldau er a Siabal (WWII); 
  • Kaigun Sho Japanese Communication Center (Historic Remains); 
  • Olekull rar Turang (Cave); 
  • Beluu er a Ngerchebukl (Traditional Village); 
  • Btelulachang er a Kemurrull me a Taoch er a Ngiteuai (Stone Path/Platform); 
  • Japanese Sea Planes (WWII); 
  • Gun Emplacement/ 75mm Canon, Japanese, Ngelung Island (WWII); 
  • Gun Emplacement/ 75 mm Japanese Coastal Defence Gun, Itemruchel Island (WWII); 
  • Beluu er a Medal (Traditional Village)

Sites which may be of particular interest to visitors
Airai Bai

Chades er a Mechorei

Yapese Stone money Quarry

Kaigun Sho Japanese Communication Center

Ngerusar Village(transportation by boat required)

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