Aimeliik State of Palau
Aimeliik is situated on the southwest corner of Babeldaob, Encompassing 37 square kilometers of land and mangrove, Aimeliik includes low rolling hills surrending the area around Ngchemiangel Bay, as well as very steep and rugged terrain along the west coast north of Medorm Village. Inhabited villages of Aimeliik, connected through a network of road, include (along the coast, south to north): Imul, Ngerkeai, Chelechui, Ngcheiangel and Medorm. To the north, the Tabecheding River forms a boundary with Ngatpang. On the east, Aimeliik extend to the Real Kedam, the central ridge on Babeldaob. On the southeast, the boundary with Airai lies along a ridge descending west from the Babeldaob central ridge to a kilometer south of the Ngerderar River.
Large area of commercial agricultural development exist in Aimeliik. There is also the beginning of what may be regarded as Palau's first cattle ranches.

List of Registered Site in Aimeliik:

  • Debellel a Malson, Elechui (Malson's Tomb); 
  • Elderrir a Ruchub/ Rechubechub, Ngchemiangel (Stone Feature); 
  • Beluu er a Ngchemiangel (Traditional Village); 
  • Oublallang er a Ngerkelalk, Ngchemiangel (Terraces); 
  • Oublallang er a Ngebedech (Terraces); 
  • Beluu er a Ngerkeai (Traditional Village); 
  • Beluu er a Lmuut, Ngchemiangel (Traditional Village); 
  • Beluu er a Elechui (Traditional Village); 
  • Roismid/ Oublallang el Bukl er a Imul (Bukl er a Terei), Imul (Traditional Village); 
  • Beluu er a Ngerkeai (Ongeruel Ngerkeai) (Traditional Village); 
  • Roiseruong (Stone Feature); 
  • Disechir ar Turang, Ngebedech (Bathing Pool); 
  • Lechaderngel (Landmark); 
  • Remiang er a Medorm (Sacred Tree)

Sites which may be of particularinterest to visitors:

  • Malsol's Tomb; 
  • Bai Rekeai (Aimeliik Bai); 
  • Terraces  

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