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Palau, Sojitz Corporation and Japan Airport Terminal yesterday signed the much anticipated joint venture agreement, beginning the process of the Palau International Airport terminal multi-million project. Representatives from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries (MPPIC)and Commerce, Sojitz and Japan International Terminal (JATCO) signed yesterday morning at the Capitol Building the agreement which will allow the renovation, expansion and operation of the Palau International Airport by a Sojitz Corporation and JATCO in a partnership with Palau government. 
This agreement is the first public-private partnership scheme in Palau and in the region. In an earlier feasibility study conducted by Sojitz and JATCO, the renovation and expansion of Palau Int'l Airport will cost approximately $31.413 million. This cost includes expansion and renovation of terminal building, airport security screening equipment, baggage handling systems, airport special IT systems, new cargo terminal and car parking lot. 
The study projects the number of visitor arrivals to reach 900,000 by year 2035 based on current travel trends and aircraft movements. According .to the proposal, the private companies will seek financing for construction and improvement of the facility and there will be share management of the airport with clear demarcations between ROP and JV (joint venture partners). 
Sojitz Corporation is one of seven biggest trading companies in Japan dealing with airline related business an infrastructure development & investment. Japan Airport Terminal Co. Ltd (JATCO) is the number 1 airport operator in Japan operating Haneda Airport. In the signing of the Joint Agreement, MPIIC Minister Charles Obichang said that the project is the result of the unity among the leaders Yasuhide Yonemoto, Senior Mnaging Director of JATCO said that the company has been operating the passenger terminal of Tokyo Haneda Air-port for over 60 years. 
"With all the experiences and knowledge acquired at Haneda, we wish to contribute to the development of Palau International Airport, further More to the development of the Republic of Palau," Yonemoto stated during the signing ceromony. Meanwhile Takuaki Manganji, General Manager of Sojitz Corporation stated that their company is committed to integrate and utilize the respective knowledge and experiences (such as airport operating skills, close contacts with the influential airlines, etc.), to help Palau Airport become one of the most prominent and competitive tourist destination gateway airport in the Pacific region.
Vice President Raynold Oilouch was present to head the signing ceremony along with the members of the Olbiil Era Kelulau, traditional leaders and ministers. On August 21, President Remengesau will meet and sign a final Concession Agreement' with the members of the Concession and Japan's Vice Minister of Infrastructure pertaining to this project. 

Palau, Japan firms sign joint venture pact to expand airport

Visitor arrivals for the month of July shows increase over previous month and a slight decrease compared to same time last year of -1.6%. People's Republic of China continues to be the largest source market with 54% of the market share.

All markets show increases in arrivals compared to June but still behind 2016 numbers for corresponding months. Eight airlines serviced Palau in July, not including private charters. Of the eight 5 were scheduled airlines, and 3 were chartered airlines. Of the total arrivals, 47% were male. 53% of arrivals were female, most of whom fall between ages 18-59. Jellyfish Lake continues to be the most inquired about attraction. 

Visitors arrivals up in July

Bureau of Tax and Revenue issued a notice today advising the public that any long term lease of properties (houses, boats, land and etc.) are by law considered business activity and subject to 4% tax. 
The notice further states that this law under 40PNC Chapter 12 has been analyzed by both Trial and Appellate Division and found that "irrespective of whether the owner is in business of leasing land or not", long term lease is considered a business and is subject to tax. 
The Bureau of Tax and Revenue further encourages individuals, clans, organizations or families to voluntarily file tax if they have made long term leases in the past. 
Meanwhile, Ministry of Justice is catching Bangladeshi operated store in Malakal selling individual sticks of cigarettes for .50 cents and warns the public that this is an illegal act. Law prohibits selling individual cigarette sticks and penalties can be imposed on individuals and/or business caught breaking the law. 

Government increasing enforcement of business related laws

Palau President Tommy Remengesau Jr. said he has faith that the Unit-ed States "will do all it can to protect everyone in the region with the same commitment they will do for the U.S." Protecting the region, the president said, is part of the United States' obligations under the Compact of Free Association and such commitment, is also attached to "diplomatic and cultural ties." Amid North Korea's renewed threats to attack Guam in response to President Donald Trump's "fire and fury," Remengesau said Palau stands "with the people of Guam and the region in our concerns for the well-being of everyone."

Pyongyang said it was "carefully examining the operational plan for making an enveloping fire at the areas around Guam" "Pray that this is all rhetoric and hoping that reasonable mind come together and find solution to ensure peace of mind in the, region," Remengesau said. The president also assuaged concerns among his citizens, saying the US. "has reiterated support and protection for Palauans." While the US has assured it is equipped with technology and defense capability , Remengesau said "we don't want to taste those capabilities but I think there is more we don't know." Palau, located 1,296 kilometers from Guam, is also part of the military's important theater. In July, the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee included a provision authorizing the long-overdue Palau Compact Review Agreement in their version of the FY18 National Defense Autho-rization Act. The House committee's version included $123.9 mil-lion in funding for the Palau agreement.

Remengesau confident US can protect Pacific region

Palau Appellate Court reversed Trial Court's decision in a civil appeal case ruling that said Koror State Legislature had no standing to sue Koror State Public Land Authority(KSPLA), Koror Planning Commission (KPC) and Palau Sea Ventures Inc. (PSV) for leasing two lots at Fisheries area to private company that were reserved for public use by law. 
Koror State Legislature brought a suit against KSPLA, KPC and PSV when KSPLA leased one lots at Fisheries area to Palau Sea Ventures and KPC approved PSV's permit to construct a fence and a parking lot. The suit claimed that the issuance of lease and building permit were invalid because they violate "Public Benefit Law". Trial Court ruled that Koror State Legislature had no standing to sue because "it could not demonstrate injury in fact". It added that "constitutional standing to sue requires that plaintiff show three elements including "injury in fact". 
KSPLA and PSV argued the court had no jurisdiction over the claims because KSL cannot show that it will be "injured". KSL argued that it has been injured when "its powers to regulate land use has been nullified by defendants actions".
Appellate Court essentially ruled that the standard applied. by Trial Court to determine that KSL has no standing is based erroneously on U.S. Constitution which is very different from Palau Constitution in how it defines the court jurisdiction. Palau Constitution Article X, Section 5 defines judicial powers to "extend to all matters of law and equity". U.S. Constitution Article III, Section limits jurisdiction of its federal courts to "cases and controversies" and this is where the requirement for requiring "injury" comes from according to decision. 
Appellate Court added that since Gibbons v. ROP case, courts decisions have moved away from the "very liberal approach" of the "extremely broad language of the Palau Constitution" and re-placed by "formal requirements" taken from U.S. case law. Appellate Court also overrule portions of any prior cases that state that court jurisdiction is limited to only those plaintiffs that can demonstrate injury, causality and redress-ability. On other claims made by KSL, the Appellate Court did not ad-dress as they were not presented to this court. 

Appellate Court rules Koror State Legislature has standing to sue KSPLA reversing Trial Court decision

 Two fires broke out within hours of each other on late Sunday night and noon of Monday keeping Palau's fire department busy. Sunday night fire occurred at around midnight at the Old NECO building in Idid hamlet of Koror State. Building was already about 80% engulfed by fire when firefighters arrived. The fire was completely put out by 3:20am. At around 11:45am the next day, a call was received about a vehicle on fire at Meyuns. 
Bystanders reported of intense fire coming from both under the hood and from the inside of vehicle. The fire was put out within half an hour. The vehicle is sail to belong to Valiant Tirso of Echang. There were no injuries or deaths from both fires and witness-es reported rapid response from fire department. Both cases are still under investigation. 

Two fires breaking out within a few hours in Koror

President Remengesau last night signed an Executive Order establishing a Palau National Energy Committee tasked to take steps to fulfill Palau's ambitious target of 45 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. Executive Order No. 403 create a committee, which will support the Palau Energy Ad-ministration in its effort to implement the Palau Energy Act and achieve Palau's Renewable energy goals. 
The E.O. was signed fol-lowing a three-day energy summit, which was aimed to fulfill Paris Agreement commitment of generating 45 percent of the energy from renewable sources by 2025. In the EO, Remengesau cited that the 2017 Palau Energy Summit attendees represented a "broad spectrum of Palauan professional, technical and traditional, and political leaders, " who help craft an action plan that requires the empowerment of the Palau Energy Administration and the creation of an oversight Energy Committee to manage Palau's drive to attain Palau's goal of 45 percent renewable energy by 2025. 
The committee will be chaired by the president or his designee and will include representatives from national and state governments, the council . of chiefs , the private sector, community-based organizations and outside experts as determined by the Executive Committee. Strengthening renewable sources of energy will lessen Palau's dependence on fossil fuels and imports. The goal is expected to result in annual emissions savings and put in use revenues usually spend on fuels to education and health.

Remengesau signs E.O. creating Palau National Energy Committee to tackle clean energy efforts

Cleared Ground Demining (CGD) with funding from the New Zealand Government, has just completed a task removing over 8.5 tons of WWII ordnance from a Japanese ammunition barge that had sunk during WWII next to Peleliu Channel. 
A large total of 167 of the 200mm projectiles were discovered, many of them leaking toxic chemicals into the water not far from Peleliu's Teluleu Marine Conservation Area. The location of the sunken barge was also a human security concern to Peleliu State as the channel into Peleliu's North Dock is a main point of access for the people of Peleliu, with Peleliu's fuel and food supplies dependent on this access, as well for 'boats bringing dive and WWII tourists. 
A spokesperson for the not-for -profit NGO Cleared Ground, said that CGD worked closely with Peleliu State to prioritize the removal of this leaking ordnance without delay utilizing CGD's highly trained local teams, as it was only a matter of time before more of these 73 year old rusting projectiles began to leak, causing a greater environ-mental threat to Palau's pristine oceans and a more involved and costly removal task. 
CGD conducts extensive WWII research to assist in the location of ordnance in Palau, and the spokesperson also added that WWII historians were excited by CGD locating the barge, as it helps explain why Peleliu's large 200mm gun on Bloody Nose Ridge, which is a favorite site for tourists to Peleliu, is said never to have been fired. CGD said there are many WWII reports by US pilots of Japanese am-munition barges being struck, as Japanese Forces began to run low on ammunition on Peleliu, and many attempts were made to send ammunition re-supplies from Babeldaob to Peleliu, often under the cover of night. 

8.5 tons of WWII Ordnance removed next to Peleliu Channel

Educate the whole child mind, body and heart (develop academic and career readiness, character, health, wellness, and the arts) 
How do we encourage and support young people to be successful in Palauan society and in the world? 

Ensure student readi-ness to enter post-secondary education, training, and the world of work 

Strengthen and enhance classroom instruction with a focus on enrichment and skill reinforcement 
1. Implement differentiated instructional strategies that engage students in their learning 
2. Establish after school programs with dedicated staffing 
3. Develop additional ways to strengthen and expand the transition plan from 8th through 9th grades 
4. Provide skill-intensive intervention programs to better prepare students for grade promotion and school level transitions (Elementary, Secondary, Post-secondary) 

Provide alternative education options to better meet the needs of students 
1. Identify at-risk and drop out students clearly 
2. Establish a learning center for alternative studies 
3. Undertake early identification and intervention for at-risk youth 
4. Initiate early college readiness identification and re-mediation 
5. Establish a vocational/ technical center

Give every child the opportunity to attend public kindergarten 
1. Provide developmentally appropriate, public kindergarten 
2. Strengthen the transition process between Head Start and the public school system 

Strengthen Special Education Program to better accommodate students with special needs 
1. Strengthen Child Study Teams (CST) process to facilitate intervention and referral as appropriate 
2. Expand training to coordinate services between Special Education and General Education 
3. Strengthen inclusion of special needs students within the classroom 
4. Provide occupational and life-skill training for SPED students transitioning through the program

How do schools promote a Palauan identity and address growing diversity in student enrollment, i.e. working families, returning Palauans, multi-ethnic students, socio-economic status, ethnicity, etc.? 

How might we encourage and support young people to gain global experience and create a professional network, especially with other Pacific Islanders? 


Empower principals and teachers to strengthen student learning in their schools and classrooms 

Strengthen the effectiveness and the professionalism of teachers 
1. Establish a Classroom focused training initiative to include: 
     a. Individualized, coaching support for teachers 
     b. Short, intensive entry level workshop for new teachers 
     c. On-going targeted training in content and in instructional practice 
2. Maximize effective class preparation and use of instructional time by minimizing structural/organizational mandates 
3. Implement a teacher specific evaluation system 

Strengthen the leadership and professionalism of principals 
1. Implement a program initiative to provide principals with: 
     a. a short, intensive entry level workshop for new principals 
     b. On-going targeted training 
     c. Support and mentor-ship 
     d. a principal certificate upon completion of coursework and reflective internship 
2. Implement a principal specific evaluation system 

Create a robust teacher recruitment and retention program 
1. Develop a recruitment campaign with media outreach 
2. Strengthen the Teachers Academy to create a substitute teacher pool 
3. Provide incentives to attract degree and experienced teachers 

Develop a path to hire trained and qualified teachers and principals 
1. Ensure that all teachers have a minimum of an Associate's Degree in five years (2022) 
     a. Hire only teachers who have at least an Associate Degree starting with the 2017-18 school year     b. Establish Associate Cohorts in partnership with Palau Community College to assist current teachers in attaining their degree within 5 years 
2. Ensure that 50% of all teachers have a Bachelor Degree in ten years (2026) 
     a. Strengthen Bachelor Cohort program opportunities 
     b. Establish a 4-year Bachelors in Education program (2+2) 
3. Hire contract teachers to enable MOE teachers to attend school full time for content mastery. 
4. Implement teacher and principal license and certification systems 

I How do we build a cadre of educated and certified teachers and principals to meet the changing needs in our school system? 


Ensure that students are college ready and career ready (academic and vocational/technical) through an effective and challenging curriculum 

Align the curriculum with the learning needs of students 
1. Establish a scheduled cycle for reviewing, revising, and aligning the curriculum (K) 1-12 
2. Fully implement the career guidance and college readiness efforts (K)1-12 
3. Provide curricular flexibility to better meet the needs students 
4. Create a developmentally appropriate kindergarten curriculum  

Ensure the local relevance of resources, materials, and curriculum content 
1. Implement a curriculum' review committee to ensure relevancy 
2. Strengthen Palauan Language and culture in instruction and practice across subjects 
3. Develop an instructional language protocol that will meet the needs of diverse learners 
4. Develop locally produced curricular materials and activities 
5. Train teachers in the use of local resources including community individuals and agencies

Strengthen the effectiveness and use of instructional time 
1. Provide teacher training in classroom management and other teaching strategies 
2. Provide training in the integration of technology tools to enhance learning 
3. Align curriculum learning targets with available instructional days and time 
4. Consider increasing learning times for Language and Math 

Review and revise the Assessment System to be effective and informative 
1. Identify the actual purpose(s) for assessment and design assessments accordingly 
2. Review the make-up and validity of assessments and their questions 
3. Involve teachers and principals in providing feedback on the effectiveness of assessments identifying student learning proficiency 
4. Ensure that individual student and group assessment results are given to the relevant stakeholders in a timely manner 

How can the assessment system be strengthened to increase its effectiveness to impact learning through informing instruction? 


Provide a strong and effective system of supports that promote a positive learning environment for students and the smooth operation of schools 

Strengthen the Student Data and Education Management Information Systems to facilitate school and Ministry effectiveness 
1. Clearly define the needed statistics to best inform decisions for school support and classroom direction 
2. Establish an integrated system of information that provides information to the Ministry and between schools 
3. Established an integrated school-based information system 

Establish technology as an integrated teaching and learning tool to better meet instructional needs 
1. Adopt a Technology Use Policy for staff and students 
2. Ensure that each school has strong internet capability and access to the world-wide web 
3. Ensure that each school has the technical (hard ware and software) tools for learning with established standards for each classroom/school 
4. Establish a distance delivery system for teacher and student instruction (e.g. webinars, digital courses) 
5. Provide instructional technology training 
6. Provide technicians to maintain and promote technology equipment and systems  

Promote teaching as a desirable profession and recruit accordingly 
1. Undertake , a media campaign to highlight school and teacher successes 
2. Institute "Teacher Appreciation Week", or similar recognition, to raise the profile of teachers within the community 
3. Highlight the successes and strengths of students and  teachers to reinforce the importance and satisfaction of being an educator 

Establish a coordinated and focused system for training and follow-up to support school instruction 
1. Provide on-going training to MOE Central Office staff to directly support school instruction 
2. Establish an effective follow-up support mechanism for each training workshop 
3. Establish an effective and efficient system for selecting technical assistance, training, conferences and grants in alignment with identified goals, needs and on-going initiatives 

Strengthen MOE Support Services to the Schools 
1. Fully implement the counseling and career guidance program 
2. Provide teacher aides to selected classrooms to address size and other considerations as needed 
3. Provide professional development for school-based support staff 
4. Improve support services efficiency and cost effectiveness by adopting and implementing best practices and standards-based operations 
5. Update personnel procedures, policies and license relevant to education 

Should there be variations within the structure to accommodate the different needs of large and small schools and communities? 


Work with family, community, employers, NGOs, government ministries, development partners and the public to sup-port students in schools and in their community. 

Establish inter-agency programs to support students in schools 
1. Develop comprehensive service supports with MOH 
2. Develop a MOE/MOJ partnership for educating incarcerated youth 
3. Work with PCC to facilitate degree attainment and to earn credits through continuing education options for teachers 
4. Work with Ministry of Finance to streamline and expedite the hiring process for teachers 
5. Work with OEK to pass legislation for the betterment of education 
6. Work with employers to expand and enrich student internship opportunities 

Strengthen the partnership with family and community to support their children and to be engaged in their education 
1. Implement an annual Parent Opinion Survey 
2. Implement individualized Parent Teacher Conferences twice a year 
3. Establish a parent portal for information and resources on the MOE website 
4. Broaden communications to parents via social media 
5. Ensure that parents receive their child's assessment/ testing results and report cards in a timely manner. 

How do family, community, and school, work together to maintain, preserve, and promote the "Palauan" culture and identity within a diverse society? 

Education Master Plan 2027

EDUCATION MASTER PLAN 2027 to be implemented 

Palau Education Ministry
The Palau Education Ministry held its 23rd annual convention for one day on August 3, 2017 during which Minister Sinton Soalablai made opening remarks and Vice President and Acting President Raynold Oilouch delivered the keynote address. Education Director Andrew Tabelual and Curriculum and Instruction Director Debbie Sbal provided the updates of the education system in Palau. The 10-year plan known as Education Master Plan 2027 was also addressed in the convention and will be implemented this coming school year starting on August 14, 2017 to 2027 according to educators. The plan has been in the making 
during the last school year and was approved for implementation. The master goal in the plan is: Educate the whole child-mind, body, and heart (develop academic and career readiness, character, health, wellness, and the arts). A fundamental question is asked in the plan: How do we encourage and support young people to be successful in Palauan society and in the world. During the morning of the convention, 2017 teachers of the year were presented and among them was selected the 2017 National Teacher of the Year. She is Daisy Ulitech, a Ngaraard Elementary School teacher for two 
years. Prior to Ngaraard , she was a teacher of Bethania High School for eleven years. In the afternoon, the educators had lunch at PJF Bridge Koror side and participated in social networking and the ceremony for handover of new school buses for Aimeliik and Airai Elementary Schools. 

Education Ministry holds convention

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